Intial release: January-11th-2017
Last updated: Version released January 2nd 2018

Control X10 lights and appliance modules By Voice with Amazon's Alexa

Alex10 is a small foot print program
It uses the BWS Systems "HA-Bridge" (which is included) to communicate with Alexa
The HA-Bridge then passes info from Alexa to Alex10 which sends out the corresponding X10 command.
System requirements:
1: A Windows PC (tested with 7, 8,and 10)
2: Java 8 or better installed (HA-Bridge requires this).
3: X10s ActiveHome Pro or the SDK installed
4: An amazon Dot, Tap, or Echo (HA-Bridge states this will work with Google voice as well)
5: A wifi capable router for the Alexa setup and for Alexa to talk to the cloud
6: Alex10
7: A X10 PC interface (CM15, CM19, CM11, or any third party interface that works with the SDK like the XTB-232)
1: Install ActiveHome Pro or the SDK if not already installed
2: Install Java If not already installed
3: Be sure you have the PC connecting with a static IP (Not sure how?)
4: Install the Alex10 latest build
Note: Due to newer versions of the HA-Bridge initial setup has changed and the bridge has to be running to add modules now!
5: Open Alex10 and click on setup

6: Go to the HA_Bridge address settings and type in the IP and Port you wish to use.
Note: Besure to use a port not commonly used, HA-Bridge wants to use port 80 by default but many things use this.
7: Click change address a message box will pop up stating the bridges IP and Port click OK.
8: Click start HA-Bridge Now.
9 : In "Module Setup" enter devices you wish to control via voice by first typing in a friendly name. next select the address and if you need the signal sent via RF or PLC(powerline) click the + button.
Once you have all devices entered you wish go to startup options
10: Select the startup options you want for Alex10. Tip for best performance check them all.
Note:the HA-bridge will not load without Alex10 telling it to or you manualy starting it.
Alex10 also doesn't need to be left running once the HA-bridge is running. The bridge will open it when it gets a command from Alexa requiring Alex10
11: With Alexa setup and Alex10 running tell Alexa to descover devices. If all goes well she will respond with the number of devices found.

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